Make Better Connections

DUCCII smart business card helps you build and nurture new connections.


Make Better Connections

DUCCII smart business card helps you build and nurture new connections.

Make every interaction count

Create an engaging and memorable experience for the people you meet while saving your contact information directly into their phone with DUCCII smart business card. Have them remember you long after the meeting is over.

Tell an engaging story

Your identity is what sets you apart. Use DUCCI Card to showcase a fuller and more impressive picture of who you are—beyond your job title—for a more meaningful interaction.


Turn encounters into relationships

Your ability to get their contact information is equally important. DUCCII helps you get their contact details so you can identify and follow up on leads that are most promising.


DUCCII Individual – $79.99

Presentation is everything. The silver foil print on our matte black cards put you and your business on the spotlight every time you decide to use your card. 

Unlimited Sharing

Unlimited Sharing

No App!

Don’t need an app for DUCCII to work


Your own custom link

Update Your Info.

Edit your information anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Between Tap or Scan feature, DUCCII works with all modern smartphones.

Tap function is compatible with NFC enabled Smartphones

  • iPhones made in 2018 and newer
  • Most Android phones

For all other phones, please have your client scan the QR code on the back of your card.

Yes! We have an amazing graphic design team in-house that will ensure your logo and artwork translate perfectly into the card. Design your card here

Shortly after you place your order, we will provide you with mockup designs to review and choose from. Please make sure you provide us with high quality files in Vector, Ai, PSD, EPS, PDF, or PNG for the best result possible.

Design limitations:

  • We can print Silver or Gold foil on matte black cards
  • You can only design the front of your card

Once you receive your card, you can tap or scan your card to activate and create your account. No application needed and it setup takes less than 2 minutes.

At the time of your order, we only need to know what to print on your card. Everything else, you get to add to your account yourself at the time of activation of your DUCCII account.

We don’t ask our users for any sensitive information nor their social media logins. You can share as much or as little information as you’d like on your DUCCII profile. DUCCII profiles are public landing pages that hosts your information and make it easily sharable to people you meet.

Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Agreement

Your profile comes with two main buttons for people to navigate to. In addition to your social accounts and contact details people can either Save your contact or Connect with you.

Our connect feature allows people to quickly enter their name, email, and any other information they wish to share with you. We email their details to you and your detail to them.

DUCCII Card is made of durable and waterproof plastic. Our cards are sturdy and yet flexible. In addition, the matte finish adds a premium feel that is incomparable to most cards in the market today.

Orders are processed daily and shipping varies between 3-5 business days.

For branded cards, add another 2-3 business days for us to create your design proof and the approval process.

*Orders placed after December 19th, 2022 won’t be shipped in-time for Christmas and will be shipped after the holidays.*

You can get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase date. You don’t need to ship your card back to us, we will deactivate your DUCCII Card remotely.

Meet people from our community…

Nura Al-Otaibi

“Duccii Card helps me expand my digital footprint and tell a consistent story. It also helps me eliminate waste associated with traditional hardcopy business cards.”


Abdullah Abadi

“With the world turning more digital, old methodologies are losing their step. Duccii can reduce the waste and money by keeping your information up to date, easy to access and quick to distribute.”

businesswoman-using duccii card

Salma Al-Jaber

“I cannot be more grateful to have found Duccii. I carry just one card and it saves the day when I’m meeting new people.”